#139: The First Game Origin- Return of the Ladder

Altimas on Nov. 17, 2008

XD I have to admit, this is possibly my best running gag ever.

Although what Mega should've realized, is this is a DOWN ladder, almost IMPOSSIBLE to be a treadmill this time XD

Oh well, I guess he's just mentally unstabled around them now… *can't wait to make another ladder joke with X during the Sigma fight WAAAAAAAAAAY in the future*

Yes, Altimatium will go all the way from the Classic MM - To MM ZX. Do the math, that's ALOT of pages 0_0

Well, today was my first day on Concerta (ADHD Meds) and it was pretty epic, I've never been able to focus on comics so easily!

If I put another chat box in another comic soon, would people come to it?? Please answer this XD cause no one payed attention when I mentioned a chat box in “Altimas and Michael”


P.S. My Asthma came back for the first time in 5 years! NOOOOOO!