#140: The First Game Origin- Free Falling

Altimas on Nov. 19, 2008

Just had a weird idea! Do you guys think I should add a blog to this comic? It would basically be me stating what I did that day leading up to me making the comic, and alot of interesting things can happen XP

Oh, sorry, forgot to mention I don't update on Wednesdays, 6 days a week.

…for some reason, this joke gives me the urge to hurt Bluey and KN… wonder why…

Also, I may start my own comicing site very soon (early/mid 2009)
Like a miniature version of DrunkDuck, Comic Genesis, or SmackJeeves. I can easily code the site, just learned HTML in computer class today!

Although I'm already gonna start hiring, PQ me your “resume” if you want to be a member. Limit so far: 6 positions remaining

And I need people who make good comics, know basic Photoshop/Flash, and can code html.

So come on people, why not? YOU GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO!

Also, InI updates 2 days a week, just thought I'd state that now