Chapter Three, Page 9

threeeyeswurm on Feb. 21, 2010

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This is it for our reserve of Anatta pages. >< Sorry folks… but we are gonna revert back to our slow updates for awhile. We will try VERY hard to do 2 pages a week though.

So I've finally handed in my Zuda submission. Of all things, you know what stalled my submission the most? The god damned Title. I basically spent a WHOLE day trying to come up with the stupid stupid title. I always come up with my titles at the very end but it's never been this frustrating. Anyways, the final title of the comic is called Days of Leviathan (of course, I can't tell you anything about the actuall story yet lol). It's funny because initially, the comic has nothing to do with any concepts of leviathan but in the process of coming up with the name, I really liked how my story can potentially connect with concepts of leviathan, especially with Thomas Hobbes' famous book of sociological philosophy entitled, “Leviathan”. But now I actually have to read it. It's enormous. That's what she said (sorry, been doing “that's what she said” the whole weekend).

@rival comics, I hope so too!