Reflections between this year, & for the next

Nigellashade on Dec. 31, 2008

Dearest DD, it's Nigellashade..

Merry Christmas & a happy New Year to every one..
My family is also going to celebrate Ukranian Christmas in January, so the winter holidays isn't over where I am. ^o^

And Happy Holidays to those who don't celebrate my traditions.
Sorry haven't been online, wasn't well for a few weeks, and couldn't be online during the season.
It was getting a bit bad I thought I would have to be hospitalized.. but that scared me..
(I don't like hospitals).. I swear that'll be the death of me some day. ~___~; (sigh)

My lovely sister was helping our mother with Christmas, and we were able to have new years with only our my sister, my mother, & I.. ^^
Plus my sister did a picture of Darius.. however, this portrait displays a older looking Darius.. about in his later teens.
I love you my dearest sister… Thank you! ;__;
As for updates?… besides not being well, I was working on side works involving AH.
You'll see once I get things together, what I'm talking about.
This story isn't put on hold, believe me, I am working on AH to bring future updates.
Hope everyone will be able to have a good start in the new year..
But for those whom is going through ordeals in life, I hope you'll pull through.. and find inner peace mentally emotionally, & physically.
The past few years has been harsh to all of us, and everyone is trying to find their center.
For people whom has been kind, and been supportive towards others, deserves good fortune & happiness.
With love to everyone, I hope to make it up to all of you..

Best wishes, & extra fluffy hugs to all..