Prologue 7

Protokid ZX on Dec. 15, 2010

Finally, an update!

I'll clear some things out about things that are in this comic.

First, all (or most) Poring monsters (Poporing, Metaling, Angeling, Poring, etc.) pop when defeated. So, basically, the green Poring monsters (Poporing) was defeated by the Thunder Storm.

Poporings (And some other Porings) are weak to Wind-attributed skills (attacks). Thunder Storm is a Wind-attributed spell. So because the Poporings are weak to that skill, they take more damage.

Thunder Storm is a Wind-attributed AOE (Area Of Effect, basically it hits monsters in a certain radius of area) spell that can be learned by Mages in Ragnarok Online. Mages can turn into Wizards or Sages when they hit a certain level.

(Prologue 3)
Cards are things that you can put on equipments that has card slots to give them special effects.

…That was a mouthful.

Anyway, the Prologue will be coming to an end sooner or later.