Antcomics 50th Comic Strip Partaaaay pt. 2

antcomics on Nov. 20, 2007

And here is number 51! Some more cameos are featured here…

If you didn't catch the BIG 50th Strip, click the ‘back’ button…

The Ant Party was a screaming success, and many comic characters showed up for this momentous occasion. Everyone sported the trademark white face-stripe in honour of the Ant-Man himself!

New Cameos in this strip are:

John from John Clyde The Nature Guide by The Chameleon Kid;

Lance from Faults by worstcase;

Andy from 2s A Company by Priest_Revan

Bobby and that crazy Chicken from BobbyMonos Crappy Comics

and Kira from Don't Waste Your Time by kimhura

Whew! Whatta party! I'm all worn out!

Thanks again guys, for reading, and for creating such kick ass, funny comics. :o)