Bowling Pt. 4

antcomics on Jan. 28, 2008

Marco can't stop thinking about corn dogs. Now I can't either…

I really liked how the scene with Adam falling backward with all the bowling balls falling around him came out. I was worried I couldn't pull that off.

Hey y'all! I have an announcement to make. This is Antcomics Strip #72. 75 is fast approaching so I decided, starting now, and ending at Numero Seventy Cinco, I am going to slip various cameos in from my faithful readers…

Today we have Frank and Vinny (appearing as bowling balls—sorry, I couldn't resist, Crocty!)who seem to like to pop up everywhere these days. Visit the two loveable stick guys in their adventures here:

Also, Rutger has popped by in that last panel from “Life as Told By Rutger.” He has many comics here at DD. Check him out: (I hope I drew you right, Rutger!) ^^

More to come! Stay tuned!