Grog Fan Art!

antcomics on Feb. 5, 2008

Today we take a little intermission from the “Bowling” saga to bring you some fan art I did for Eviltwinpixies, author of “Grog.” This is one funny, well drawn, well written webcomic here at the Duck featuring a clueless pirate captain and his crew, a bumbly bunch of misfits.

Captain Ridley isn't exactly your typical bloodthirsty pirate type–easily manipulated, not the sharpest cutlass in the drawer–and he has a pet chicken called “Polly.”

Really, give this comic a read if you haven't. A fellow ducker turned me onto this comic and I really don't see how I have been missing out on this all this time!! :o

The Bowling story will resume next week–don't worry! :o)

This won't count as a real strip, so the next Bowling one will be the ‘real’ #74.

UPDATE: I started an “Antcomics Blog,” where I will be posting extra goodies. I think I'm getting rid of my Tripod site (big pain in the butt), and I like this Blogger thing. So for extra stuff like rough sketches, storyboards, etc. Go there:

Later peeps!