antcomics on Feb. 14, 2008

Hey guys!
This is sort of an “Extra” for the week…
I just realized yesterday that I have been drawing the Antcomics for one year now. Woohooo!

I didn't start posting them here at The Duck till May of last year, but officially I began drawing them in February (actually the first comic was completed on Feb. 17th, but I had been sketching around on the Ants awhile before that).

So I decided to make a special One Year ANTiversary drawing, based on an actual photo of the Ants from about 1981. And here it is!

So much cool stuff happened in that one year, guys, and I just wanta thank all of you for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed Antcomics…you guys are the bomb-diggetay!

Also…I have hit the big 75 too. Yayyy!

Here's to umpteen jillion more years (if my drawing hand holds out that long)…

The Bowling story shall commence next week! Stay tuned for more cameos!

Now take a moment please, and do the Ants Dance…build a fire if you like to make it more tribal. Heck, paint a white stripe across your face too while yer at it!