Bowling Pt. 7

antcomics on Feb. 17, 2008

Oh man, can you imagine anything worse than Terry Lee on a gigantic sugar buzz? I can't.

Today's cameos are…

First off is Brock (he's really grossed out!), the creator of ‘SuperFogeys’ a super funny comic about retired super heroes:

Joe “Josfern” of ‘Coney Island Disco Palace’ is the poor eyepatch-fellah Terry Lee is annoying:
Good ol' Joe allowed me to poke fun at him a bit (he really did have an eye injury, and had to wear an eyepatch. I made sure this was okay with him so I wouldn't offend. He has a great sense of humor). Go read his comic, it's really some damn funny stuff!

If you read ‘Putrid Meat’, you may recognize Bones:

Poor old Jared of ‘A Roll of the Dice’ had to witness Terry Lee's consumption of umpteen pounds of gummi worms:

Once Adam and Marco finish their corn dogs, the long awaited Bowling Lesson will commence…what will happen??!!

Whatever it is, it cANT be good…