Issue 2 Page 9

wildcard on July 23, 2018

Really hate starting up cold like this after a long break - hello empty room! - but life sometimes takes over.

I've been off in freelancing land for two months - besides the day job - and one way or another I had no time to work on Apothecary Supreme. Frustrating, but thanks to a lack of bank, necessary :(

On the brightside this one's been done for a while so I figured I'd just go ahead and post it with another to follow soon. Sorry as always guys, I'll do better in future!

UPDATE (06/08/2018): Embarrassment incoming! I’ve been pulled back into the freelancing again and for better or worse it’s an offer I can’t refuse (creatively fulfilling work which pays, incredible!).

Much as I hate hiatuses and despite having pages 95% finished I can’t really promise an update as I’m caught between a full-time day job, said project and an imminent anniversary for my partner that I’m severely underprepared for =(

Sorry folks, on the brightside it looks like I’ll be back onto Apothecary Supreme in a few weeks, but for now - short of cutting my four hours nightly sleep - I can’t see the time being there. I’ll come back with a focused run of content either way. To anyone left who gives a damn about this rarely updated comic, thank you for your patience! I’ll pay you back someday soon with stories which actually finish.