Freiha on July 23, 2020

More detailed synopsis:

Long ago, the magical world Arindia was ruled by four girls with magical powers called Princesses. Long after their death, girls with similar powers were born on earth. People from Arindia call them Ladies. Ladies are the only humans with the permission to enter Arindia, the world of magic their powers originated from.
Flora, Vivi, Nicola, and Pia are Ladies, but they are different from the others. Because they are to inherit the powers of the Princesses, they were the target of Sy'Dals, creatures from Arindia, who seeked to collect the Ladies magical powers.
After the invasion on earth was repelled, another thread ascended from within Arindia itself. The balance of the magical world is heavily damaged, leading to it's destruction sooner or later, furthermore, interlopers seek to attain the powers stored within the Heart of Arindia, the source of all magical power.
The Heirs of the Princesses have to return to the magical world once again to save the Heart and the world from destruction.
But little do they know, about the events happening in Arindia and soon they all will have to make a decision which either leads to Arindia's or their own destruction…

This manga is actually what I call the “second season”. It starts - after the invasion of the Sy'Dals was repelled - with the event of the heirs arriving in Arindia to be let in on Arindia's coming destruction.

Main genre: fantasy
Additional genres: angst, romance, (dark) magical girl

Warning for people being sensitive with character death.

I'm not sure about the rating, as I don't know how violent it will become, but I will update the rating in case of more violence.