Iron Maiden!

Jiro Katsu on May 11, 2008

Phew… This one kinda took a while to figure out. I didn't know how I wanted it to look at first, so I started playing around with frame work and crap, finally got it where I didn't think it was total crap. >o>

Well, now we know Alice is not just a hot girl who can kick the crap out of people, but a spell caster as well. And just what is this Black Angle that she keeps talking about? o-o Ya wanna know? Then JUST FREAKEN WAIT A LTTEL LONGER!!!! >:3

By the way, if ya people hadn't pick up on this, Alice's body goes through changes and how much her body changes depends on how much demonic power she exudes. Like her abb's for one. >o> When she's fighting at half strength her muscles get more toned, not just her abbs, but their the most easy to see cause her stomach is the part of her body that's most exposed other then her arms and head.

This fact is even more noticable when ya think back to when she first showed up in chaper one, she was practically a flat chested woman, but when she made her come back using some of her power to save Jerid in his cabbit form you see a clear change in her bust.