#124 Fillet Yahweh Vol. 2

Mondo_Funky on Oct. 10, 2009

5: “Wait…so Lucifer The Morning Star recorded ‘Changes’?”

7: Originally I was going to have the text “A Ho-ot Chiiiick” beside the thought bubble, but realized only I would get the Flapjack reference.

9: Lucifer: OSBORRRRRNNNN!!!

25: Coincidentally, just a day or two after writing this scene, I witnessed a real-life violent encounter that left me shaken for a while. Thankfully the blood stayed clear of my face.

40: I went to the trouble of arranging the panel in the last issue so that Revolu-Shawn's hand was right in front of Carmen's forehead…and then I put bandages on the other hand. Just pretend it's an optical illusion.

44: Carmen Vulva comes from an idea Zer00 had long, long ago. We'll be seeing more of her, count on it.

47: Best. Panel. Ever. God, I wish I could hatch every character.

50: My family has asked me why I'm so obsessed with David Bowie. I think a better question would is why wouldn't I be obsessed with David Bowie.

51: Did I mention how much I love Bob? I love how he calls the lord of all evil “boss”. I love how he you can't tell if he's armless, or hiding thousands of arms under that cloak. I love Bob, and Bob loves the people of America.

And that's it for this season of Awesomataz. When will the golden lady be coming back? Maybe in a few weeks, maybe a few months. All I can say is that if you thought Season 2 rocked hard, Season 3 will skullfuck your soul and lay eggs in the most sexual centers of your brain. Take care of yourselves, and each other.