kyupol on Aug. 23, 2007

Notes on Page (and rant)

Design of the font template of “MAG-ISA”. The figure that poses as the letter “M” is Claudita… while the figure that poses as the letter “I” is Emmanuel Cruz (aka Eman), a Filipino immigrant to Canada.

What do you think of my graphic-design skill (or lack of)?

I plan to have this printed on my T-shirt (just the red glowing part. not the other text lol).

I'm thinking of starting MAG-ISA or ASKAL… like… temporarily pull the parking brake on BK at one point… then pump in a couple chapters of MAG-ISA or ASKAL … then resume BK… I dunno. what do you think?

Though I'm still thinking of continuing BK. Maybe hits might pick up… as hits for BK as well as its DD rank have went down like a sinking ship. :( Compared to , this comic is seemingly sucking shit. Since sequels (mostly) suck eh?

Starting something new might be a great idea. Aside from MAG-ISA and ASKAL, my brother has a short story that won him an award in school. Maybe do that into a comic? I dunno but I think his story is crap. lol.

Or maybe… this is already a signal that doing webcomics isnt really for me and there are other things to do in life.