(Interlude) Page 52

Scott D on Jan. 15, 2021

And with that, our first interlude draws to a close, revealing that old Towser Brindle still has plenty of secrets to find. Rooms of kooky spooky objet d'art (or should I say objet d'ark?) always promise provocatively perplexing possibilities! Many a curious epicurean has brought home some fascinating fetish from distant climes, or invaded tombs to dig up vile and venerable volumes in their dogged pursuit of knowledge, power, or to satisfy their wildest dreams. Do you have a favourite artifact in fiction, and if so, which one?

Golden F. and I will be branching out to try more stuff this year, so please keep an eye out for her project, the magical, mystifying monkeyshines of Admiral Annabelle, in which a young girl and her friends discover long-forgotten histories and forge the future of their world against the rip-roaring backdrop of the 1920s…but don't worry. Barkham Horror will be returning this summer with our next fuzz-covered festival of fur-raising fears —— Sleeping Dogs!
—Scott D.

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