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bravo1102 on Oct. 15, 2020

I needed some reason why Crimson Sash was not made. So I came up with Trisha getting stiffed by someone she had done work for.

And who better than Big Henry of Jay's Internet Fight Club ?

As for Trisha winning a fight against Wanda? She's a lithe little vixen and gymnast and she got very lucky. This was also a few years back before Wanda finished all her training. Trisha knew to avoid any holds since she couldn't match Wanda's strength and to pummel her mercilessly to get a submission.

It was only a friendly sparring match, but Trisha did win. Trisha swore off such things soon after. She'll do stuntwork but she avoids fights. Anything her big mouth gets her in, she can usually talk her way out of and she makes certain to maintain good relations with local law enforcement.

And a few special forces veterans among her crew doesn't hurt.