BoT - Chapter 1 - (Page 8)

alpha_beta_angel on March 10, 2009

artist says:
I put a lot of detail in that top panel, a plethora of plushies…the PLUSHIE PLETHORA!!By the way, that pear with a leaf on it's head was apparently supposed to be a Pokemon,a Chikorita. It's such a task deciphering Jenn's obscure sketches.

author says:
I missed a week…whoops! I'm a bad comic uploader. So naughty!
Mr Bombastic just came on the radio. Can anyone keep a straight face during that song these days?
This page makes me smile…
I would like my very own “instant room” sort of magic, especially with a big move on the horizon.
I had a haircut, as I do when I'm bored…needs to be dyed.
song of the week: Us and Them — Pink Floyd
anime of the week: Blue Drop

Next week's update is on the 17th because it's a holiday ;)