I'll lay it on the line

BffSatan on May 2, 2010

Drunk duck site
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Why am I doing this?
1. A lot of my early stuff sucks, this is kind of an easy way to start from scratch with my current experience level.
2. I don't like using characters much, I just want to do one of jokes which was the way BffSatan was heading anyway.

Will I ever renew BffSatan?
Maybe, but it'll be more story orientated if I do.

Will Thor's Thundershack suck?
No, it will be better than BffSatan, I guarantee it.

So what else is changin'?
Aside from the URL and the name, nothing is changing. It is practically the same comic.

Well I'm changing the art a little actually, so I lied, but the humor is still the same.

What about the characters?
They might show up in the new comic, but for now we'll just pretend they all died.