Origins part VII

BffSatan on March 31, 2009

Ha, ha…ha
yeah that was kinda cheap.

Real ending will probably be up saturday, I hope to make it really big.

Guest stars in panel three
Dr Micninja from Dr Mcninja
StrawberryClock from Newgrounds
Brian/Gayman from Faul3_Tur

One6thSense: I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with ARGH or AIII, your comment makes me feel like I choose well.
FengharTheNord: Yes, you win, the door handle changed. However the reason why he opens it with the other hand was because in the second panel he is supposed to be pointing towards the door, not reaching. I guess it looks like he's reaching because of my not-so-great perspective skills.
Insizwa: I'm glad you liked it, I put a lot of effort into that page and I realy think it paid off.
Tedmund: Sorry if I've scared the crap out of you. =P
Flu Hue: Thank you, I am glad you liked that, I was really happy with that page.