1-8 Pretty Great Machine

stinger9 on March 5, 2019

Well, “great” is relative!
I was kind of going for a sort of ludicrous comic book villainy kind of thing with that machine.
Still, was a little unsure on where to go with certain parts of it. Those tentacle-y things on top of it for one were going to be more mechanical looking arms, if only to avoid the, uh, unfortunate associations! It makes a little more sense this way though, given the whole thing of “magical essence” that tends to power things (That giant yellow gem is like a big battery), those tendrils use the essence of vines known for choking out any creature that gets within their reach! They're inactive at the moment, along with a couple of other things, but hey, we'll get to that!
Blake finally puts a shirt on (along with a somewhat more ratty waistcoat), I wouldn't really expect many costume changes out of him though!
Sorry this one took so long, been having a fair few problems lately, couldn't quite convince myself to get this one finshed, still have yet to make a start on the next Drachronon page too!
Oh, and the garage doors at the back there. Fun fact, they were originally supposed to be at the front, but then I forgot to leave room for them on previous pages, and so they're there now. It's probably not that noticeable, but really, that stressed me out for a time, especially since they come up soon, and I had no idea what to do about them!