1-1 Takin' Care Of Business

stinger9 on Jan. 5, 2019

So, finally managed to make a start on one of the little side comics!
This has actually been planned for years in about a dozen different forms, at some point it was it's own thing, but same universe gives me a chance to offload some of the world building to this, and more importantly, gives me a chance to draw some goblins!
I should really thank Amelius, because I didn't quite think of using Picka's design here (the blue one) for a character for it until I read her comment! Actually, not being able to think of an appropriate assistant for Blake was a big sticking point for a while!
So, moving on, Blake here was last seen in one panel running a stall! He's moved up a bit since, opened a business, and roped in his niece Picka (Who's name doesn't get mentioned until next page, oops). She lived over in the Goblin homelands until a little over a month ago, and has a bit of a different accent as a result (Blake lost his quite some time ago!)
I'll save more of this explainy stuff for later though. I'm still terrible at side views, that last panel was agony, and I couldn't quite figure out anything for how to make them look right there. I'll work on it though!
This comic will be updated as an when I can, I plan on making this the “My main comic is giving me a migrane, I need to work on something else for a change” kind of deal… which probably means it'll update pretty often to be honest!
Edit: and of course the name got cut off! Knew I should have just made it Blake the Bilker. Oh well!