Chapter 6: Rising Suspicions Page 11

Alpharie on Dec. 7, 2019

Hey everyone.
I'm sad yet happy to let everyone know that I will be rewriting Blighted. I will not be continuing to update after posting what I have. Once I have scripted and properly written the story out I will be redrawing the whole thing. Stuff will change. Characters will probably look different.
And honestly, I'm sorry for releasing my story before truly being ready. I was rushed and pressured into releasing when I knew I wasn't ready, and now I'm trying to fix this. I love this story, and I shouldn't have let other people influence it to the point where it's upsetting to write after they've left. So yeah. I will be posting on Patreon pretty much exclusively while I'm rewriting Blighted. I still have 4 unreleased finished pages, so I will upload those each Saturday for the next 4 weeks. Thank you for supporting the comic so far. I hope to come back much much better, and with something you and I can both be proud of.

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