Chapter 6: Rising Suspicions Page 12

Alpharie on Jan. 28, 2020

Hello readers.
I am posting this page mainly to update you.
I have stopped this version of Blighted, and am scripting it out so that way I can give you all a better and complete story. I'm not happy with the art from the past two years, and I was pretty much pushed into jumping on a comic that was not ready. I am currently very active on Patreon, posting updates and giving physical rewards to Patrons.
I'm still doing illustrations, but I want to be able to tell my story properly so you all can really enjoy it. It's been a very lonely and long road, but I will push forward.

If you are interested in supporting the future of Blighted and also want some cool merch, please visit Patreon

Thank you all for reading, I'll update the final finished pages, but it will stop in a weird spot.