# 9 Shoulder Angel/Devil 2

Shiori Tsumi on March 5, 2007

Here, I practiced with the different panels. You can tell Kazi's having a little moral dilemma here…first of all, she can't understand what Sarik and Kayo are saying. Second…should she talk to them, or what? You can even see that I tried to have Kazi doing that cute childish pose where the knees are together and the toes point inward towards each other. In case you couldn't guess, the red/black panels are the shoulder devil's and the white/blue panels are the shoulder angel's.

Oh, and I just feel that I need to say something else. I know I'm not that great at doing the comic on time. I admit, I'm a horrible procrastinator. And I keep losing the stuff I need to do the comic. (Someone stole one of my markers today.) So when I can finally do a comic, I get all flustered and rushed, and the comic isn't as good as it could be. Soo…erm, I just wanted to say…thank you, Nigellashade, for all your kind comments. Whenever I put up a comic, you always have something nice to say…and it makes me feel like the work I put into Blood Lust is really worth something. Just knowing that there's even ONE person out there who appreciates this comic, and tells me so…makes me happy and willing to do my best at what I love, and what other people love to see. Thank you, Nigellashade. For everything. *hugs* (I have a lot of hugs to pay back…*laughs* )