Mr Candeeman Ahoy!

DreamDutchess on July 26, 2009

This is a very short comic… as there have not been updates in a while. I like to believe that if you prod an artist enough though they will get back into it! So… I hope that there will be help with me on this one since I like the art and I'm sure there is more to the story then the little build up given :) *crosses fingers for more updates*
I really like the evil looking Candeeman.

Side note:
Next Issue is coming along nicely. I have like… 7 characters drawn up I think for who will be a part of the girl island. I have 2 pages drawn and inked. One almost finished with coloring. And page 3 needs inking yet. Cover is done. Uh.. Yeah. That is where the next issue stands. Again. Not posting till it is done. So you wont have all the obnoxious waiting periods.

I have a lot sketched for filler pages till then but I've been not able to get them lookin' pretty as quickly as I'd like working 6 days a week. So if there are little down periods I do apologize. They are coming. I have 3 more pages I got to color yet. :)