What do you want to see?

DreamDutchess on June 5, 2013

I looked back at this after such a long time away and was shocked that people still look at the comic. Seriously, I'm so happy my heart melted a little.
I've been discussing doing short one-shot comics with my partner Amber (who helps and practically does all the writing now) so that way I can get back into drawing comics. I've felt like a part of me is missing since I've stopped so I am readying myself to start again.
To get use to the drawing these characters and work out how I'm going to draw the characters now that has been so long I am going to doodle some short stuff. If there are characters you like let me know (if you don't know what names just tell me page and panel or describe them, i know i've not been the best and slipping in character names in the story thus far) I'll try to doodle up characters with names by them soon and post them. In the mean time please tell me what you want to see.
We will take ANYTHING into consideration! Cross overs, wierd character pairings, characters skiing in grassy fields,(… yeah, i dunno) tell me all! :D
<3 <3 <3