Super Marios 23

DairyKing on Oct. 14, 2007

Yeah, this is the end. For now. If I decide to get around to making part 6, I'll put part 5 up, too.
I suppose a bit of an explaination is in order here:
See, KoopyVSKoopa, or KVK as he was more commonly referred to as, was a member on the old Wario Comix forum, back when it.. Still existed. Anyways, this kid was REAAAAAAAAAAAALY annoying and stupid, and could not type worth beans. He was also known to ask for your custom sprite sheets, if you so happened to be a sprite comic author.
I'd experienced the wrath of his dumb on several occasions, seeing as I didn't block him immediatly as he add me to his friends. He'd show me his lousy sprite comics and ask my opinion. I loved this, because I was able to be as brutally honest as I could. They sucked. I asked him if he knew how to use Word's spell check function and he replied, “wats spel chek?”
Yeah. Wet match in a dark cave.