So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

dragoncrestprod on Nov. 7, 2013

Well, this is it, guys. Bricktown here on The Duck has caught up to itself on its own homepage, and thus, we bid you adieu. 
Now, this isn't the end of Bricktown - not by a long shot. BUT, this is the end of Bricktown here on The Duck. From here on out, the comic will be updating solely on
So, please, if you liked it here, continue to support us on the new URL by checking in for updates, voting for us on TopWebcomics, and spreading the word!
Parts of the new site are still well under construction, but the main page is up, and hopefully, in time, we'll even have a forum up for y'ins.
Thanks, Duck, for the year-and-a-half of memories and updates! Hope to see you all on the new site!