An Apology and a Preview

yukiyoma on June 10, 2012

Hey Everyone. First of all I am so sorry to all of you. I really dropped the ball on this. There are a lot of reasons for that. The first being that I fell into a deep depression and all of my creative projects suffered. Secondly the author and I had a falling out. We have sense repaired our friendship but unfortunately we have decided that IBE shall be laid to rest. This was a really hard decision for me, I love the characters. Terra Rose and Beverly were by far some of the favourites I had created. They will likely pepper the cahracters I create in the future because of said love of them. We'll see.
The second part of my ramble is this. I am starting up a new comic. This one will be completed, its only 14 pages long. I've got a plan for it, its coming along nicely. I won't be putting up pages until I have a buffer so that you fantastic readers will not suffer any minor hiccups I might hit along the way. If there's anyone still reading and still willing to read my work, I thank you. I really appreciate all the kind words you say and your support makes me smile even on the darkest of days. Thank you all.