0.0.0. Prologue: Catalyst

Frail on May 30, 2007

^^ Starting all over again…ee…

Commentage! (From Filler 11, which, sadly, no longer exists)

Rubygem: ^^ Thankies.

LanceDanger: ^^ Eeee! *huggles* Thank you so much, man. You are one of the coolest people ever. No lie.

Mutation: XD Pwetty? My stuff? Might be pushing it a little…

Inlad: 1. Hey man. I'm sure you can do something just as good. Prolly better if you wanted. ^^ *nod nod*
2. No worries, man. In all truth, that other piccy was bugging me with its awfulness.
3. XD Well, here it is. Hope you weren't *too* disappointed. ^^;;;;

Freux: XD I blame you. *huggles* S'good to be back. I missed you all soooo much.

Fyrsiel: You are so profound, man. ^^ *hugs* Thankies for the awesome excuse. I shall use it well. *bow bow*

Black Shimmer: Eee! *huggles* You're aliiiive! ^^ Meezed yooooou!

mishi_hime: ^^ Thank you.

Jenshin: ^^ *hugs* You're so nice, Jenshin. Thankies uber much.