CAKE Cover

Retro on Aug. 16, 2010

Ello out there in computer land. My name by RichieD. though you can also call me Retro. Pleasure to meet you all. Welcome to the start of CAKE: The Siblings Cakea. The comic was originally started on Deviantart and was simply called “CAKE”. However as the name was taken on DrunkDuck, I had to add the subtitle.

This comic first and foremost is a fancomic and pretty much a mishmash of any and everything I like from cartoons to manga. The story is also based on a Instant Massager RPG I do with a couple of friends of mine. So am using some of their characters as well as my own (with their own permission of course). That said I hope you all enjoy and I'll be adding tibits as we go through the pages. Hope you all have a good time reading and please don't forget to comment. Thanks.