DQM Joker - Monster Synthesis

ChronoStar on Oct. 26, 2008

A short comic I made about the game Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker for the DS. In the DQM series you fuse to monsters together to get a better one…. usually. This happened one time when I fused together two of my guys. Safe to say I had a confused look on my face for a couple of seconds.

I started this awhile ago back in summer, like July,but I kept putting it off and getting distracted. Funny thing was it was like 85% done for awhile and just sitting on my hard drive (happens a lot to my stuff). I used a different way to do the lineart in this one. Instead of using the paintbrush tool I used the line tool. This made the lineart part go so much easier and quicker. I think it turned out okay so tell me if you think it looks good.

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