CVD 58 - Those of the S rank

Castle Pokemetroid on Aug. 12, 2011

It's possible this might be the last page for a while. I don't know if I'll be making very many more.

I do have plans for this chapter, and if you guys want, I can recap the rest of the chapter, so that the story just doesn't get dropped.

Maybe I should put up Albus' and Shanoa's info cards, just to delay the comic some more, so that I can buy enough time to make another page? It worked when I put up Juste and Maxim's info cards…

But that would also spoil Albus and Shanoa's abilities, and I don't want to do that…

Don't be mistaken that I'm going to stop making pages or anything, I'll just be making a comic every month or two (maybe three), instead of putting one up every week.

Sorry if I disappointed anyone.

If you readers want to make guest comics, feel free to send them in anytime.

But I don't think I have enough readers for that…