RuseBolton on Oct. 18, 2008

Hey Guy's,
Well i just finnished a 18 hour shift, so sorry if im not all that coherrent.
I'm feeling a lot more confident since starting the comic, thanks to all you guy's reading & the kind word's & (i'm not sure if you guy's think so) but i'm even amased that i think i have improved in the style a fair bit(& that just drives me on!). So a promice is more improvment to come!

One more update - For the time being i'm trying to make a small buffer (just in case of the one off emergency) but due to popular demand ‘dun dun dunnnnnn’ i will be making the comic on a by-weekly basis starting in 2 weeks,

So all in all, take care & read on you crazy diomonds!

P.s. Not to worry, the story is going somwhere - It was just written many years ago &started out a little slow as i love character development more than action packed adventure (Let's hope i can find the happy medium)-So next week & onwards will mainly be story baced for a period.