page 2: Cathy's curse

skyangel on Oct. 17, 2009

As most of you guessed it was, blindness that she suffers from. This whole story is going to be told in single panel format which gives me time time to put a lot of effort into the artwork, and to be honest I'm loving it. This is an illustrated story rather than a strip, but I have tried to keep the text to a minimum so that the reader is not too bogged down reading it through. I had planned on updating this just once a week at first as my main SS strip always gets priority over everything and requires more work, but once it's in hiatus I'll be normally updating this twice a week until it's finished.

Thanks for all the nice comments on that first page. I don't expect this to be as favoured as SS as it's a one off story, but it's nice watching the stats and ‘fave counts’ on this to see it goes. All my stuff is done with the long term response in mind, so it will be nice to see how people who discover it after it is completed react to it.