Chad's got a NETBOOK.

heymelby on Aug. 28, 2009

Thank you all for sticking with Chad during the summer!

Important notice!! I have a new job teaching full time, which means my updates may end up going once a month, I will do my best to update chad every week but can make no promises.

Animation update! Sadly Chad's toon debut got shelved, none of my contracted actors got their voice work done, and I was so busy with conventions and this new job that I didn't get the art done anyway. It will still get made, just not in time to win the aniboom contest. However, My talented writers and animators, JIm and Paul, pulled together a Frank and Jerry toon, along with a Matt Feazell Cynicalman toon for the contest. I'll provide the link when i get it, please vote for either or both. Thanks