#670 Fairy Rude!

Amelius on Jan. 16, 2007

Augh sorry again for the wait. Feels like my jaw is in a vice, just got some dental work done today. (I chipped one of my teeth open so it needed a filling)At least now the other side of my mouth hurts opposed to the side where the wisdom tooth is ripping my gums asunder…
But it was my first major dental thing since I've got fairly good teeth. I just gotta watch it with the delicious temptation of sodas or juice…augh why is all that is delicious is also that which ruins teeth? I hate water T_T
Why do they have to put citric acid in everything anyway? That's what gets it right there. I can brush my teeth as obsessively as I please but the whole process is for nothing with like one glass of lemonade! (which is worse than sodapop!) Sorry to go on a tooth rant it's just a sore spot with me tonight *rimshot*

Well let's get this thing done with!

Hi everybody *waves*

Edit: Anyone looking at this from the TV Tropes page, the entry isn't quite correct! Mye is a voodoo zombie, but not a rotting-corpse, brain-eating zombie! She's actually “alive” (I've explained it earlier…) and she smells like gummi bears because of her home-made shampoo, not because she's radiating sweetness naturally! That'd be a little TOO obnoxious, even for me :)