#749 Out of the Garden

Amelius on Oct. 22, 2008

Hey everyone, sorry about the week and almost a half wait, I haven't even been on the internet all week thanks to a bout with depression. Oh boy!

Anyway the news on my hand, it is like we (including the first doctor of many that looked at it) suspected, it's a cyst. I'll have to get it surgically removed when I can afford it!

In other news, we finally got an exact date on when the Night School book is coming out! November 12 is when it will be in stores.

Also I would like to mention some really nice people we met at a comic convention last weekend! Nick and I were just discussing how cool it would be to meet more Drunk Duck members, and lo and behold we found some! Their site Strumhaus has a list of all the comics they are involved with, I recommend checking them out, it's good stuff! We talked to
(or Nick talked to, and I chimed in when when I eventually got over being shy) the guys involved with Evergreen Comics, Chaos Punksand World of Orendaand we got free buttons. And I like buttons!
I think it's a cool thing they're doing and I think it's good to support our fellow ducks, so go give them a looksee!
We also chatted at length with a cool guy who does a webcomic called ravilob. Overall, chatting with these guys was the highlight of the con for us ^_^
It was real fun, but sadly like at most cons, the artist alley was shoved in a faraway place out of the way of the main events and we would never have found these people if we hadn't seen Wonder Woman walking out of a revolving door (there was a inflato-dome building attached to the expo center) in fact we almost didn't find the con itself, except for we noticed the Batcopter was taking off near a stadium and so we asked Catwoman for directions!