A Haunted Tail

Amelius on June 18, 2019

Protect the boy!
In case anyone forgot what she is implying since it HAS been a while since we last saw our spider-fairy friend, Lezzaria offered to paralyze Bojo with her stinger to temporarily calm him down. Some of you were noticing her absence from her usual perch, she left her post at Samrick's request. As Kavonn is working for Samrick, Lezzaria must respect the King's request to speak in private with Sadick. (Speaking of Kavonn, he is completely unaware that he has gotten in a few fights with the true Elf Prince and slapped a hair-gag over the mouth of their Princess!) Sadick just took his sweet time getting back to her after their meeting concluded, even though they are getting along a little better, some alone time was nice.