A Pale Rider

Amelius on May 30, 2021

Yeah, seems like the more freedom I give myself to just make as many panels as I feel, I end up making almost 3 pages at once where I would have previously split this update for some kind of buffer. And taking an entire month to do it >_<

This page was hell and not because I drew a horse, I got references so that wasn't even an issue. It's the fact that during the span of time working on this page, I had to shut down programs and restart my computer at least 5 times due to it suddenly forgetting my tablet is a tablet, and refusing to detect the pen, plus other technical difficulties, this was a cursed page to work on.
Can my brush library handle the fact that every new page I make that has anything to do with a forest, I make 10 more brushes of leaves and woodsy crap?

So, Glen is known for extorting the other hunters over secrets like vampire girlfriends, but the cousins have their own things they're trying to hide. I hope there's enough intrigue here for those of you who like to speculate (if any of you are still around) to speculate upon. I really miss seeing those discussions and theories.
In spite of Mort's height due to his Ixian Family heritage, he's actually a year younger than Glen and Velvet here, who were in the same class in Highschool. I just want to make it EXPRESSLY clear that Mort is not on a secret coffee date with a way way younger guy, he's not a creep. Well, if you leave out the “selling magical creatures to Byss Labs” part, that is.