It's All Downhill

Amelius on July 22, 2021

He honestly just doesn't feel like hanging around with Glen there, and I can't blame him.

I know it's been a long time since an update, and you can thank ongoing issues with the power here for that in addition to the of course, ongoing depression/anxiety, which has it's good days and bad, I had a few week-long stretches of being absolutely useless but my motivation is on a tiny upswing right now, so that's nice. You know, same ol' same ol'.

This big panel went through several iterations thanks to, not even power loss, but just random brownouts where the power flicked off and destroyed hours of work… I made brushes for grass/leaves and used them very sparingly because some things just needed to be done by hand, too much brush on a large swathe is just too apparent there's uniformity, and I didn't want that. So after spending hours drawing individual leaves and losing all that, I had to take a mental break. When I am in hyperfocus mode I of course don't realize hours have passed since last saving, the real kick in the face was the fact that I actually was saving it when the power went out!

I do hope it's clear though that Hex shrank the bubble they were both in to avoid being crushed by Horse-Yiska, then reformed it around them both again after she reflexively changed back to normal. He didn't even mean to do that– the pendant decided he was the priority.

Also, Mort really isn't trying to kill them, just tackle the horse– he forgot what was on the other side of the treeline! I based some of the scenery here around an abandoned golf course we were exploring recently, everything was very overgrown and hilly, and there was one hill that used to be a road for golf carts and it's crumbling already, very steep. It was also lousy with ticks… the park that is, not just the hill!

We go hiking a lot, you might be surprised how many trails just have a huge drop-off into a deep gorge right next to them, no fence or guard rails, just fall into some ledges if you trip on a rock!