Sorcery Forgery

Amelius on June 20, 2022

Hey! Happy Pride Month my friends!

So yeah, Mye hasn't really talked to anyone aside from Hex about this and he only knows because of the party. She's both embarrassed by it, and kinda wanting to avoid taking responsibility for it… after the Orycalopes were massacred she kinda figured she was off the hook for that whole “queen” business and considering what they want out of her, she's entirely fine pretending this isn't a thing. Tony is of course a little surprised by this… considering how close they are as friends, and she didn't talk about THIS because she's been focusing on other people's problems (namely, Zeno).
In spite of her cold lack of mercy to the teen who kicked her in the head (I get in that mood when someone screams at me from their car so I can't say I don't see where she was coming from…) Mye doesn't run hot like her brother when it comes to being slighted/threatened, so she wasn't going to start blasting their little bunny heads off just because they were threatening violence. She was really hoping Remote Beast would be able to outrun them being an undead creature… unfortunately? Her brother and boyfriend did a better job than that and he's as alive as Mye and Hex are. He can walk a good distance, but sprinting? No go, he even did this to Charby and Zeno when they went on their revenge rampage. They didn't even leave the yard before Remotey took a break from running!

Also, another note– we've seen Zerlocke use that little trinket before to transmogrify a notebook into a lemon, which he ate– so for all intents and purposes this thing will pass muster for all but those with the ability to sense the magic; it wouldn't fool Perrdinal and Avonlea.