Lucky's Charm--page 16

Chameleon Kid on Dec. 11, 2008

Full moon tonight! Arrrrooooooooo!!!!

Okay, sorry ‘bout that…hmm, things haven’t been going QUITE according to plan…Due to a bit of business, laziness, and just plain forgetfulness, there won't be any COW pages next week. Fear not though, my little weirdlings! Updates will resume on *checks calendar* the 22nd! (I should have at least two more pages finished by then. Thinking optimistically, maybe even four!

I have two more Christmas pictures to draw and/or color. ‘Tis the holiday season. ^_~

{EDIT} Sorry y’all! I HAVE finished my Christmas pictures, but I'm feeling wiped out and didn't get as much COW work done as I'd hoped…You'll have to go without for another week–I'm sorry, I'll come back AFTER Christmas. (Give me some time to recuperate.) So see you on…the 29th! Again, I'm very sorry. {EDIT}