Page 1:: Prelude

denji on June 20, 2007

well , well, well….

first of all, I HAVE BEEN READING PEOPLES COMICS!! I read Misfit assasins yesterday, so exiting..(I read it often~) I love the art style..I hate how slolwy it updates!! AUTHOR!! please do more!! I plan to catch up on rainbow carasole~ *jump* ^0^//


oh my, oh my~ *exited* I can't believe how long it took me to do this, and how I have finally done it!! XD tbh, the other pages will come, but it will take time..however once I begin on the main comic the pages will be frequent..but I wanted to show this as a prelude~

in this comic, I will, selfishly, talk about the comic… but other things too!
I hope people like this page.. ;_; I know it's very simplistic, and not very pretty..lack of screentone X( But I wanted it that way…this to me, sums up this whole sotry/comic. the words are significant, and pretty much what this story is about :)
the art, is pretty simple XO;; (I'm sorry!) I hope people enjoy that…of course it will (hopefuly) look a little more exiting than this, but the idea is to use as little tone as possible XD

uhm, this is Lestier… he is somewhat of a main character, but acutually you won't see him for a while! please lap him up while you can! XD I hope you grow to love these characters :3

it's not time yet..but I hope in time my comic becomes well known at least .__. I hope people learn form it and ..well are simply entertained!! I hope it won;t be OTT either! XD; thank you!!

my crotch is really itching XD; I tihnk my skin is getting irrated by fabric or something.. XD; //ramble…