Corenthia Alpha Page 4

LarianAngel on June 25, 2010

Well this page seems to have taken a short amount of time to do. I actually like how it came out this time around. The page actually looks really meaningful :D. Just for the record, I am planning on turning Corenthia into video manga so I want to find some voice actors to do the test with the prologue. I need a guy and a girl…the female is to play Willow and the male to play Joeseph. I hope that I can find someone to help me out with this. Of course you have to have your own microphone. If anyone is interested in being apart of the prologue video manga test, then let me know by sending me a message on which of the two speaking characters in the prologue you want to voice ^_^;;. Further instructions will be sent then. Requirements are that Willow must sound really sweet, yet, has a motherly tone. She looks after Joeseph and all. Joeseph… I haven't really thought of how he sounds. I'm sure if someone sends me some sounds of them acting out the voice Rogue and I will make a decision based on that.