Chapter 01 :: From Enemies to Allies Cover

PSComics on July 29, 2007

Hello folks!

Well, the time has finally arrived for us to launch the new project from Platinum - Cowboys and Aliens: Worlds at War.

Worlds at War is a massive webcomic project that picks up directly where the first Cowboys and Aliens ( graphic novel left off. Zeke, Verity, and War Hawk (as well as several others who you will most certainly see more of) have just defeated the House of Dar. But, the story doesn't end there, as the other great Angaaran Houses are headed straight for Earth. It will be up to our heroes (and many new heroes from all around the world) to outwit the technologically superior Angaarans.

The first book, Prelude: A Call for Heroes, will be a series of various short stories, recapping the original graphic novel and introducing a variety of new characters that will play a major role in their various regions. Once the first book is wrapped up, we will delve much more deeply into each region being invaded (and to just give you a taste of what's to come, the Angaaran's will be invading countries from all around the world, such as Russia, Japan, and Africa, just to name a few, but those are down the line). We will be adding new comics to DrunkDuck nearly every day of the week (Updates will be Monday through Saturday and will eventually expand to Sundays as well).

We've been working on this project for months, researching (meticulously), developing our various storylines, and creating some absolutely stunning artwork - some of the best I've seen on or offline in comics anywhere.

We also have allot of exciting things in the works - excerpts from history (as we are working really hard to make things historically accurate to 1873 and before), loads of newly developed information on the various Angaaran Houses, contests where you will get a chance to actually appear in one of our comics or helping to decide the best cover art for each chapter and book, and tons of comics, illustration, and artwork - from both our creative team and various guest artists (to be announced later).

And speaking of our creative team, allow me to introduce them (and myself) -

Our writer Alana Joli Abbott - Alana is a transplanted Midwesterner living on the East Coast. Having worked as a professional editor and a bookseller, Alana made the big leap to becoming a full time freelance writer in 2005. She and her husband gather with friends to play role playing games at least once a month.

Penciller and Inker Rick Hershey - Rick was born in Hershey, PA, and spent most of his youth exploring forests and climbing rocks. He is the eldest of 12 children, both by blood and marriage, and embraces the ideas of family and leadership. Most of his teen to adult years have been spent in Myrtle Beach, SC, where he began his freelance career at the age of fifteen, providing artwork for magazines, local newspapers, murals, caricatures, t-shirts, and any other company that would give him a chance. Currently, Mr. Hershey spends most of his time managing Empty Room Studios, providing artwork for tabletop RPG's, and directing independant films.

Colorist Daniel Harris (or as some of you may know him - Hyptosis) - Daniel lives in Missouri with his wife and two english mastiffs. He was raised by Saturday morning cartoons and his trusty NES that he still keeps locked safe away for protection.

Letterer Gene Kelly - Gene is an illustrator and graphic designer who grew up in the Midwest and now resides in the suburbs of Brooklyn, NY. Comics and illustration which are his second true love (the first being his lovely wife, Mary).

And myself, Jeremy D. Mohler (Creative Director) - I'm a Midwest native, originally from Kansas, though I have spent allot of time living in MO and several years in NJ. I attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Inc. and the Kansas City Art Institute, where I graduated with a BFA in Illustration/Design. During the latter years of school and since graduation, I have done a wide variety of freelance work for a variety of publishers, from full coloor covers, to black and white spot illustration, web-design, and art direction for Empty Room Studios and Baeg Tobar.

And that's us in a nutshell. Your going to be seeing allot more from us in the coming months.

Before I wrap this lengthy introduction up - I just want to invite you all to feel free to comment on what we're doing. Let us know what you like or what you don't like - we are going to be working really hard to put out some of the best comics and we can't do that without your feedback.