I'm Just So Sorry

patrickdevine on Nov. 19, 2009

This is where Madeline's little segment ends and there's going to be a merciful drop off in angst. Sorry about be so far behind in updates, I'll just say that life sometimes gets in the way and leave it at that. Nevertheless I'm going to actually try to get my next page finished on time.
@usedbooks: Sounds like you have the same kind of luck I do. Damn. Well, I do have an interview at a video store today– here's hopin' it goes OK.
Madeline's relationship is with her dad is complicated to the point that there's sides of it that both parties don't see. Personally I imagine that Madeline's dad is more frustrated than angry, frustrated that he's such a poor provider that his daughter has to debase herself to keep the family out of poverty. Not that it makes him not a bastard, if he approached this with a clear head things might not have ended so bad.

@Peipei: I chose to leave that up to reader to decide how the dad found out. I'm not really committed to any one scenario but it seems equally likely that he walked in on Madeline with the debt-collector, the debt-collector told him, or he confronted Madeline on where she was getting the money to settle his debts. If you want to make up your own scenario I'm sure yours would be better anyway.

@Zephyrion: Thanks, man!

@Trevor: Aw yeah, I guess I didn't think of that. There's library readings for the grown-ups too right?

@Warped: Actually considering that I drew nearly 100 pages without any working knowledge in comic theory it's a wonder that I made any good pages! I gotta say, I never heard the name Yoshihiro Tatsumi until you mentioned him. I did see his “Push Man” collection though, I was mostly curious about it because it was edited by Adrien Tomine. His stuff does look pretty incredible though, especially his story about the photographer in post-bomb Hiroshima. Honestly, that dude was ahead of his time, I really ought to read more.

@amanda: Comics class is pretty intimidating at times. I'm pretty sure that I'm the only college dropout in the class, (hopefully no one will find out!)
I thought the runny makeup looked cool too.

@ghostrunner: Hey, thanks! *clik clik* ut-oh… it jammed.

@Jonko: Madeline has suffered more than most, everyone deals with grief differently. Madeline prefers to maintain a facade of not caring while falling apart when nobody's paying attention. She is in fact breaking down mentally a lot more than she's letting on.