Sorry For The Wait (NOTICE)

KamiDaHobo on Nov. 24, 2007

NOTE: This is not a Crimson Shifters official page.


I'm terribly sorry for the wait, everyone. It's time to be honest.

My life has not been the best recently. I abandoned alot of things that meant the world to me, Crimson Shifters was one of them. I'm at a very rough patch in my life, with my family breaking apart, not knowing what I want to do with my life, losing a grandmother to a battle she cannot win, and not having a place to stay (in an emotional context).

I forgot what meant most to me throughout this time of loss and restructure: Stories. Telling them, partaking in them, and experiencing them. I need to share my love of them with you all, and I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I AM here for the long haul, it just may be a bit longer than what you're used to.

Here's a speedpainting I did recently that should tide you over until my next page, which I'm working on as we speak. It's of Assassin's Creed, a game I enjoy very much.

I'll be back before you know it, and loaded with material that will make the ridiculous waits worth it in the end. Thank you for your patience.

- Wes