Chapter 1, Page 7

alschroeder on Oct. 28, 2010

Here's Neil's commentary…

“Al had written these pages out before anyone had final character designs. The half-rotted face of Hel that many of you brought up was mentioned on this page in the draft, but it had to be changed after we got Kittyhawk's character design. So if she doesn't look like rot, she probably at least smells like it, given her lower extremities (if you can call them that).

”Oh! Why a Truxton poster? Because it's an awesome Sega Genesis game. That's why.

“That's all for me, gang. See you in another comic universe!


Next Tuesday the action shifts a little bit, as The RedDeath of BAD GUY HIGH takes over the art chores, we introduce Captain Perfect, and learn a little more about the bad guys. Plus a cameo from a totally DIFFERENT webcomic.