Chapter 1, Page 9

alschroeder on Nov. 8, 2010

Another beautiful page is by RedDeath of BAD GUY HIGH, guest-starring Pilli and Paco of Algeya's delightful PILLI ADVENTURES.

RedDeath's comments: “I want to make a poster with CP on it posing, and all it'll say is: ‘Captain Perfect: He Can Take A Bear.’”

Who is Captain Perfect calling for back up? Well, given it's the BGH-verse, any number of people…but you'll find out next time.

We also get an individual name for one of the Doppelganger Gang, Night Carver, and get to see a little more what two other members are like. This isn't the full Gang, though.

Again, we're giving you a full week to savor this one. Next Tuesday, the Captain Perfect intro concludes.